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7 Chalk Farm Road, Hawley Wharf,Waterside Halls West, Camden, London,NW1 8AA.

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Welcome to Hawley Wharf 

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This guide is to help Trade Partners and their staff be fully prepared for each market day at Hawley Wharf Camden.


Preparations before the trading day:


Ensure the Square card reader provided by The Spread and smart devices being used at the market is fully charged, for Android phones ensure the latest software version is installed. See further details below for guidance on Square and Android as well as troubleshooting links.


Check that the products and prices are updated in the Square Dashboard only ( The Square POS App does not permit changes to ensure Trade Partners who employ staff to work on the stall are limited to taking payments only. It is recommended that a £1 test transaction is undertaken on the smart device via the Square POS App before each market day whilst the device is not connected to Wifi to ensure an appropriate test is completed for the trading day. All markets The Spread operate are card only using the Square card readers provided by The Spread.


Any questions regarding the trading day should be directed to by Wednesday 2 pm each week.


Signage on the stall table, there are two types of solutions recommended a) acrylic menu holder A4 Sign or b) A4 Menu Holder with Wooden Frame with one for products and prices and a second to provide any written unique selling points or to articulate the offering.


Product and prices within the produce display i.e. cheese, bread and fish use recommended wire pin ticket holders to house printed product tickets.


If a table cloth is required as part of the table display or to protect the wood i.e. from liquid spillage this is permitted to cover the tabletop and back of your stall only and can be branded. See images below for stall measurements. 


Protecting the ground from food and spills requires Non-slip Matting measuring 2m x 1m meters to protect the paving on-site and in the event of a spill the requirement for spill kits if products contain oil and any ingredient that would cause a stain. 


N.B  A-Boards and any internal or banner signage, not laying flat on the stall top, are not permitted and all A4 signs or labels should be printed and not handwritten in pen or in chalk. 

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Rain and windy weather preparations 


What The Spread will do 


The Spread monitors the weather each day from Tuesday to Friday every week to highlight any extreme weather events and to consider if in the rare occasion there is weather that might cause a health and safety risk we might take the decision to close the market and notify all Trade Partners. Typically high winds would be the only extreme weather that would result in the market being cancelled and notification of closure would be provided by email. 


What Trade Partners should do


In wet weather, Trade Partners may wish or need to protect perishable stock with sides to stalls. 

Suggested temporary side solutions for rain protection


Waterproof Transparent Sides


Suggested ties for sides 


Suggested Velcro Eyelet Ties


Arriving on trading day 


Refer to previously agreed arrival time and part of the site to arrive at to drop off stock. 


Loading Bays/Parking 


  Unloading and loading stock after 9.30 am and before 5.30-6 pm on Saturday's in Camden is restricted and therefore it is recommended that Trade  Partners park in paid parking bays in Castlehaven Road  and walk on stock to the stalls location.


If heavy stock which takes a long time to unload request access to the Hawley Wharf Camden loading bays by emailing by 12 noon each Wednesday with a request, desired arrival and depature times and vehichle regestration nuber and await an approval reply to be sent by 2pm.


Unloading or loading from Camden High Street is not recommended as it is busy and traffic wardens patrol the area issuing tickets.

There are parking bays along Castlehaven Road close to the Zipcar pin on the map and for Trade Partners permitted to access the loading bays the access point is just past the Solo Motorcycles Only pin on the map. 


Address: LABS Dockray, 1-7 Dockray Place, London NW1 8QH


For parking, for more than two hours drivers would need to make their own arrangements as we do not have any parking facilities to offer. Outside of local authority parking or private paid parking there are also private parking spaces available via apps such as 

HWC Map re Parking_Unloading_Loading.png

Check-in with Market Manager 


The Market Manager is an employee of The Spread, the operating company of the market. They can be found wearing a yellow or green high visibility vest. Please be mindful that during set up and take down, they may have a number of tasks to complete. If you require their assistance, please let them know and they will log your request. Requests are completed in the order that they are received. Our support email is and if you require anything that is not urgent, please email it to us by Wednesday 2pm. 

Hawley Wharf Camden Meeting Point Sat 8th Jan 2022.jpg

Moving Stock


The movement of stock is recommended with the use of small trollies and should be covered in the Trade Partners Risk Assessment. 



Toilets are accessed in the basement of the food court at the top of Water Lane.


Toilets for Trade Partners and customers are located in Building A1 and A2 on the first floor and will be open. The public toilets are located in the basement of building A1 and are open from 08:00 until 03:00, daily during market retail trading hours. The public toilets are located in the basement of building A1 and are open from 08:00 until 03:00, daily.


A separate disabled toilet (Disability Discrimination Act 2005 compliant) and changing place are provided alongside both ladies and gents conveniences. This is located in the basement of A1. All public toilets are cleaned in the morning and throughout the day and are regularly inspected for quality. 




You must only plug appliances into the electrical connections that have been authorised by The Spread. If any other items are plugged into the electrical sockets, you will be asked to suspend trade immediately.


Extension Leads


Failure to adhere to these requirements will result in an initial warning and confiscation of unsafe equipment. Further breaches could result in revocation of licence to trade.      

• Extension leads must only be plugged into a mains socket.      


• Extension leads must not be plugged into other extension leads known as daisy-chaining.        


•Only extension leads “suitable for the task” should be used for outdoor use, these must be specific armoured outdoor use cables.            

• Where possible, multi-way extension leads must be avoided.  


• Coiled extension leads must be uncoiled prior to use or the maximum loadings on the extension must be adhered to.         



Access to a wash area on the 2nd floor of Waterside Halls West is available if required and this area provides bigger sinks and dishwashers for use. Trade Partners should not leave or store items in the wash area unattended. Please leave the washing area in the way you wish to find it and be mindful of others who may wish to use the facilities. 




The Event Manager has access to the bin room. Any waste generated should be kept behind your stall. The Event Manager will visit your stall at least once per hour, which is your opportunity to provide them with waste for removal if required and can not be stored out of sight until the end of the market day.  All waste must be separated into non-recyclable and recyclable sealed bags, which are clearly identifiable. Please note that once waste has gone to the waste room, it can not be recovered. The bin room will be opened at the end of trading hours for Trade Partners to access for the final waste disposal before leaving the site and it is located in the Market Place area marked as "General Waste & Recycling Produce Market on the map below.

HWC Bins Location .png

Fire and Evacuation 


Meet the Market Manager in the Castlehaven Open Space for Fire evacuation.

Meet the Market Manager in Camden Gardens for all other evacuation reasons.

HWC Evacuation Routes.png



How to set up your stall


Operating from Hawley Wharf Camden and the use of the stall provided by the Land Host Partner is entirely at your own risk. We advise you to be extremely cautious when setting up your stall. 


1) Open ceiling on the merchant side. Before doing so, make sure that the area around and above is clear of obstructions. Do not stand under the ceiling at any point until it is secured on both sides. Lift one side of the ceiling and whilst holding it in place, use the smaller bar to secure the ceiling onto the stall.


2) Open the ceiling on the customer side repeating the same process.


3) Lower the side extensions. These are the areas of the stall that extend the surface area to display products. Before doing anything else, ensure that the chains to the left and the right are secured. Next, unloosen the sliders that allow the extensions to fall into place.


4) Open the extension on the other side repeating the same process.


5) If you do not require the side extension. Remove it and place it under your stall, ensuring that it is carefully positioned in order to not fall. The extension is removed by firmly holding the side extension. Unclip on one side, unclip the other side and then lift the side extension. Check the area around you before lifting it out of position. 


Please ensure that during trading hours your stall remains clean and tidy as it may be inspected by the Market Manager and other authorised staff. 


You are required to ensure that areas that might be susceptible to spillages are protected with non-slip flooring. Any spillages that occur should be immediately reported to the Market Manager who will ask you to cease trading in order that you can clean the spillage. 

Stall Design Final .png

During trading day 


How to transact 


The Spread has issued you with a payment card reader and login credentials to The Spread's payment system called Square. If you do not have this with you, you will not be permitted to trade. The card reader links to the Square Point of Sale app. You will need to ensure that you have the latest version of the app downloaded as well as the latest version of the operating system on your smart device. If you do not know your login credentials, please check your inbox for previous emails, or speak to the Market Manager. Please ensure that you are logged in to the correct market location as The Spread will have provided a  specific login for each market. If you have any problems on the day of trade, please speak to the Market Manager who will help to troubleshoot the problem. Sales revenue is paid out to Trade Partners by 6 pm on Tuesday.


Being present and sales approach 




Ensure that you are visible, approachable and do your best to engage with customers. Let them know you'll see them next week. Although you use your smart device to transact, please limit time on your phone as much as possible. 




If you are authorised to supply alcohol.  You are required to ensure that all sales are in line with the Premises License provided to you when booking and displayed on site. Remember that alcohol sales are strictly from 10:00-16:30. The Market Manager has a refusals log and if you refuse a sale due to the person asking for alcohol appears to look under 25 and they cannot provide identification, you must report it to the Market Manager. 

Current Discounts 


We often provide coupon codes to local organisations in order to attract more customers. The coupon codes must only be entered into the payment device if the customer mentions it. For discounts made as a result of the coupon codes are incurred by The Spread. Details of any discounts will be provided to trade partners here as and when they are active. 


January 2022-10% discount flyers handed out on the day of a trade by the Market Manager. 


Departure preparations 


Pack down safely and securely in the same manner as undertaken upon arrival.

Waste preparation to take away, ensure waste is taken to the waste room once opened and disposed of as instructed inside the waste room.  

Closing stall repeat process in reverse of the morning. 


Departing on trading day 


Informing the Market Manager of departure so a check of the stalls and area can be made. Ensure the stall is wiped down and cleaned as well as the surrounding area and floor/ground. 


Feedback after the trading day 


A weekly statement will be sent each Tuesday which includes a link to provide feedback each week on the market.

Guidance from Square 


Square Links for Help and Trouble Shooting 


Square Help


Square Trouble Shooting Contactless Card Reader


Square Point of Sale App Troubleshooting


Guidance from Square regarding Android Phones 


If you are using an Android/Huawei go into settings > security > more settings > turn off 'allow connection to HDB'.


Square will run on most Android devices with the following features: Android 5.0 or higher GPS.


There are several thousand Android devices on the market and we strive to support them all.


In some cases, however, the Android device may meet all the requirements for compatibility but still doesn’t communicate properly with Square hardware or with the app.


To check and see if your device is supported, visit the device compatibility page. To find the Square app in Google Play on your supported mobile device, be sure to change your Google Play settings from “Everyone” to “Show All Apps.”


You can also visit on your mobile browser to download the app directly.


If you’re unable to download the app, your device isn’t currently supported.


Please, find below the appropriate troubleshooting for the error message:  "Reader unavailable: secure session denial"

  1. From POS settings, go to Card Readers > forget all card readers.

  2. Force quit the POS app. 

  3. Open the device Settings > Bluetooth > forget all Square Readers. 

  4. Hold the button on the reader until the lights flash red

  5. Reboot the Device

  6. Re-launch POS, wait 1-2 minutes, and re-pair the reader.

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