Trade Partners receive a statement of
the funds generated that details their sales activity at our markets and events.


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Example Statement for Victoria Park Finchley


Total Sales : This is the amount of revenue you have made on the day of trading before any deductions.

Processing Fees: This is the sum retained by the company that provides our centralised payment system. Typically it is 1.06% of the total sales.

Spread Discounts: From time to time, we issue rewards in the form of codes to local residents and businesses. The codes are redeemable at the point of transaction and provide a discount off the entire transaction. You will see the total value of the discounts that you have honoured here.  These are deducted from the 14% charge that we deduct from your total sales/ 

Electric: If you have made use of mains electric, a sum of £10.00 will be charged.

Spread Total: The total sum deducted from your revenue and retained by The Spread.

Your Payout: The sum that we will be deposited into your bank account prior to 18:00 on the Tuesday.

Should you have any questions about your statement, please contact the General Manager of the market that you are trading  at using the email or telephone number at the bottom of the statement.