Opening: Sunday 6th June

Day: Sunday

Freqency: Weekly

Time: 10am-3pm


Guidelines for Seasonal Bookings

Ensure that the booking indicates the date that you intend to commence trading and the date that you intend to finish


Please enter in everything that you intend to sell during your booking.




This site only allows 3x3 metre gazebos and six vans.


Market Curation

Capacity: Forty Trade Partners




15-20% Sweet 

45-50% Savoury

10-15% Street Food

5-10% Arts and Crafts

10% Beverage


Product Not Listed? If you can't select your product category, it has sold out or the maximum allocation has been reached.




During 2021 there will be one bar supplying draft beer, lager, aperol spritz and pimms for on and off site consumption.


In addition to the bar there will be one trade partner supplying beer for off site consumption only.


Further to this, there will be one trade partner supplying wine, one supplying cider and one supplying spirits for on site and off site consumption. 


All Trade Partners must have a personal license holder on the premises during trading hours.


The supply of alcohol is subject to local authoprity approval and further conditions may be imposed.


The location will operate on temporaty event notices for two months and a premises license will be applied for on 1st July.


On 1st September 2021, all cold beverage producers at Victoria Park Finchley  will be offered the ability to complete a menu variation request form free of charge. This will enable them to express an interest in providing a menu variation to supply seasonal mulled alcoholic beverages for a period of four months from November 2021 - February 2022. Trade Partners should be mindful that they will only be able to supply mulled beverages as a variation of their existing product. 


ie - Cider producers can supply mulled cider, wine producers can supply mulled wine, Spirits producers can supply mulled spirit based drinks but not containing wine or cider.


Juice producers will be able to supply mulled juices with spirits but not supply mulled wine or mulled cider but they can supply mulled apple juice.


Market Summary

Victoria Park Ballards Lane is situated in front of the Finchley Bowling Club and the Ballards Lane entrance to Victoria Park taking place weekly on Sundays. A capacity of sixty trade partners will supply a large selection including vegetables, fruit, meat, fish and much more.


Questions before booking?

View the Trade Partner Step by Step guide. Any questions can be submitted via this page and will be anwered in the Frequently Asked Questions section or reponded to directly.

Victoria Park Finchley Seasonal

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