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This location does not offer immediate booking. In order to express your interest, please select the day or days you would like to apply for and your product type, add to cart and then go through the checkout. You will not be charged.


If we can offer a pitch at this location, you will be notifed by email within 10-15 business days.


Opening: Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th July

Subject to change due to the location being positioned in a wider commercial retail space. Trade Partners will be provided one months notice of any delays to the opening.



Bespoke 7ft x 7ft custom designed structures will be provided and stored on site, subject to design and build timelines.


Market Curation

There will be forty food producers providing groceries to local residents as well as products for tourists. If you can't find your product listed, please schedule a call to let us know.



During 2021 there will be one producer per alcoholic product type.  This will be for on site and off site consumption subject to local authority licensing approval. All Trade Partners must have a personal license holder on the premises during trading hours.


On 1st September 2021, all cold beverage producers at Hawley Wharf Camden will be offered the ability to complete a menu variation request form free of charge. This will enable them to express an interest in providing a menu variation to supply seasonal mulled alcoholic beverages for a period of four months from November 2021 - February 2022. Trade Partners should be mindful that they will only be able to supply mulled beverages as a variation of their existing product.


ie - Cider producers can supply mulled cider, wine producers can supply mulled wine, Spirits produers can supply mulled spirit based drinks but not containing wine or cider.


Juice producers will be able to supply mulled juices with spirits but not supply mulled wine or mulled cider but they can supply mulled apple juice.


Market Summary

Hawley Wharf is an eagerly awaited new retail and leisure development situated in the heart of Camden. The new 580,000 square foot canal-side development is bordered by Chalk Farm Road to the west and Regent’s Canal to the east, with a prime frontage on Camden High Street. 150 independent and branded stores, over 60 new places to eat, 195 apartments, and 60,000 square feet of Labs co-working space. At the heart of the development will be Hawley Wharf Camden’s 30 arches, which will provide space for select UK and international brands and artisan producers. They will sit alongside the largest farmer’s market in North London



Questions before booking?

View the Trade Partner Step by Step guide. Any questions can be submitted via this page and will be anwered in the Frequently Asked Questions section or reponded to directly.

Hawley Wharf, Camden



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