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How to Join as

a Trade Partner 

A step by step guide


Frequently asked questions

How do i complete a trade partner profile?

A link can be found at the bottom of this page to create a Trade Partner profile. This needs to be completed in order to view the markets that are available to book. If Trade Partners are looking to either book now or in the future, a profile needs to be completed so that we are able to keep Trade Partners in the loop with regards to all future market location opportunities.

How do I view the available markets?

Once a Trade Partner profile has been completed, log in details will be sent in an email confirmation. Log in from the home page by selecting "Log in>Trade Partner" in the drop down menu. Enter the email address and password associated with the profile to be directed to the Trade Partner dashboard and select "I want to book a market". All of the markets that are currently available to book are listed here. Only a small amount of information is presented on this page and more information can be obtained by clicking on the name of the market.

When do i need to book?

Booking closes one month before the market launches. It is advisable to book as soon as possible because there is only a small allocation of pitches per product type and they are available on a first come first served basis. Booking early also integrates Trade Partners with the marketing plans for that location beginning three months before a market launch.

How do i book?

Once a preferred market is decided on, select the day(s) and the product offering from the drop down menus and click "add to cart". The drop down "Select Product Offering" menu is a real time reflection of the products that are still available to book. If the product is not available, Trade Partners can select an alternative day or market location. Once all market locations and days have been selected Trade Partners can click "View Cart" from the side bar or click the purple weight symbol at the top right of the webpage which will proceed to the "Checkout" page. This is where Trade Partners check the selected the market locations and day(s) to be booked before clicking "Checkout" to complete the booking process. Information that will be required 1) "Shipping Details" (address to which the payment device will be sent), 2)"Payment" (add card details), and 3)"Review & Place Order" where Trade Partners will agree to the "Terms & Conditions" which are also located in each of the market pages drop down boxes before clicking 4) "Process Order" to complete the booking process.

What do i do after booking?

After a booking is made, a confirmation email will be sent containing a link to the Trade Partner Set up form. This should be completed within two weeks of the market commecning so that we can create your digital product inventory and despatch your payment device.

How do i prepare for my first day of trading?

For each Trade Partner the preparation will be slightly different depending on the product type. As a general guide the items below represent the most important things to remember; -Review the Installation Guide to ensure all the standards will be met for the Events Manager to check. -Communicate to staff where they need to go, the time to arrive and the standards required for trading. -Familiarisation of the payment device and ensure it is fully charged for the trading day. -Ensure stock is packed in line with the product inventory provided. -Ensure the gazebo is in good condition and sufficient weights have been provided On the day of the market, Trade Partners are required to arrive at the designated arrival point and the designated arrival time and sign in with the Event Manager. The arrival point and time will be sent along with the payment device within two weeks of their launch of the market.

What are the fees?

Percentage Based license to occupy land fee: 14% is deducted from the gross sales revenue. Administration Fee: A one off administration fee of £100 provides:

- A payment device to enable transactions with customers
- Building of digital product inventory
- Verification of health and safety compliance documentation.
- License to occupy land for the initial licence period. Card Fees Debit and credit card fees are are charged at 1.75% on sales transactions. At The Spread we do not charge a weekly fixed pitch fee. Instead the weekly pitch fee is variable and based on a percentage of gross weekly sales revenue, for example: Week 1 £500 sales revenue @ 14% variable pitch fee results in a £70 pitch fee for week 1. Week 2 £300 sales revenue @ 14% variable pitch fee results in a £42 pitch fee for week 2. Week 3 £1000 sales revenue @ 14% variable pitch fee results in a £140 pitch fee for week 3. Week 4 £600 sales revenue @ 14% variable pitch fee results in a £84 pitch fee for week 4.

How should i price my products?

Be mindful of all of costs. Amongst other things they include the cost of raw materials, wastage, staff costs, transport, packaging, purchasing the equipment needed such as a gazebo and weights and trading fees. After that account for any desired margin.

Do all payments run through The Spread?

Yes they do, we provide you with a payment device which allows you to transact with customers. All sales revenue is held in bank account and your portion of the sales revenue is sent to you within two business days. For example, if you make £1000 worth of sales, 1.75% [£17.50] is deducted as card transaction fees. The Spread's commission varies per location. It is between 10%-20%. So if the commission is 10% we would deduct this from the gross sales revenue. 10% of £1000 is £100. The remaining amount of £882.50 is what will be sent to your nomiated bank account within two business days.

Do you take a percentage of sales?

Yes, we will charge a commission on the sales that you generate of between 10% and 20%. The percentage varies across each location and you can see it under the fees section of the market you may wish to book or apply to.

Why are some markets immediate booking and some application only?

Currently the location that are available to book immediately include Victoria Park, Golders Green, Finchley Central and North Finchley. Once you have completed a profile, you can log in and book this immediately. Hawley Wharf is via application only. You apply by booking in the way you would book an immediate booking location, however, no payment is taken. We will respond to your application within 5-15 business days. Application only sites are those where we expect a significant amount of interest from interested trade partners and therefore cannot guarantee an immediate booking.

Is mains electric available?

It depends on the market you are interested in. In order to see which markets offer mains electric and which don't, please view the available markets after logging in. You can see information under utilities. For locations that don't offer mains electric, you will not be able to plug into any mains electric and generators are not strictly forbidden.

How do i know if my product will be accepted?

To see if your product will be accepted, there is a dropdown list of product availability on the page for the market you wish to book. If you cannot see it, then it has either sold out as we have already alllocated it to another trade partner or it is not permitted at that market.

Do i need to bring my own stall?

Yes you do need to bring your own stall which should fit the criteria specified under the critera provided under 'Market structures' on each market page.

Do you have any storage available?

We do not have any storage available.

I've left something on site after trading, how do i get it back?

Our on site event managers do not have the ability to hold on to any lost property and anything left on site will be disposed of by cleaning contractors or the facilities management of our Land Host Partners.

How do i get in touch with you?

We are available for scheduled calls Monday to Frday 09:00-18:00, just click the button in the footer of our website and you will recieve a call at the time that you wish to be contacted. You can also email . We aim to respond to all emails the same busiess day within the hours of 09:00-18:00. If you are trading at one of our markets, your email or call back will be assigned to your Event Manager. If you are not trading your email or call back will be assigned to someone in our office.

What if i need to contact someone on the day of the market

You will be provided with the contact telephone number of the Event Manager.

Can i find out who is trading with you at a location before i book or apply?

Due to privacy reasons, we are not able to provide the names of any organisations that are scheduled to appear at any of our markets.

Do you have any week day markets?

Yes we do, you can see which ones are open during the week on the page to book or apply to each market under the drop list when you select the day.

How can be best arrange viewings?

Due to Covid-19, we don't currently offer viewings of markets that we are due to open. When the market is open you are more than welcome to go and visit the market, the Event Manager can be found wearing high viz clothing.

I've traded with The Spread before, do i need to create a profile?

If you have traded with us before the year 2021, you will need to create a profile.

Will the markets that you currently have open on additional days?

We are always assessing the viability of being able to open on aditonal days. If an additional day becomes available, we provide first refuseal to Trade Partners already at that location and offer them a short period of time to extend their booking to encompass the addiitnoal day or days. Following this, the additional day will become abailable to book to anyone and Trade Partners who have a profile will be notified by email and will the ability to book.

Do i need to complete a set up form after each location?

No, you don't. If you have already completed it once, we will already have all of the information.