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Ways to Host 



A place to Host 

Who are land hosts?

They might be a landowner with an existing market they want to improve, a landowner with vacant space where they wish to create a new market.

someone who knows of vacant land near them and they wish to partner with us to to activate a new market.

We have activated markets on many different types of land from new commercial developments with publicly listed property developers to primary school playgrounds. Purpose built event spaces to parks and highways with councils.

Why host?

Hosting a market can fulfil many commercial and strategic aims. Different landowners have different reasons to become host partners.

Some hosts want to generate additional income, some want to diversify a food and beverage tenant mix in a retail scheme, providing another attraction to attract footfall and increase dwell time, or to satify a section 106 agreement with a council or to help put a new development on the map.

What income can a host make?

It really depends on the size of the land, the area it is in, the amount of pedestrians and traffic passing the location, competing events or retail.

The potential demand in the area for a food market. Hosts are offered a percentage of the revenue generated from trade partners at their location. 


Are there any costs to hosts?

Yes, there is. In order to provide enough liquidity to promote the market within the community in which it is based, an upfront activation fee is payable or a license fee free period which is typically proportionate to a six month rent free period,

How long does it take to start a new market?

If landowners are eligible to commencement of the market, a period of six -nine calendar months is required. Typically the day that new markets open to members of the public are in March or September of the year. 

What steps are involved in establishing a market?

1. Compete the interactive host quentionaire lettng us know as much as possible about you and your site.

3. We'll send a draft liense agreement ahead of a meeting

4. Site visit to discuss mutual requirements

5. We'll compile and send an offer letter and a final license agreement

6. Trade oparnter onboarding and compliance

7. Marketing

8. Site Opening


Where can i see examples of former hosts and what their markets have looked like?

What's The Spread doing about Covid-19

Get the latest info on our COVID-19 response and resources for host partners and trade partners, updates and more. Learn More

So what's a host exactly?

Hosts are our land partners. They may be either a landowner with an existing market that has been listed on The Spread, a landwoner with vacant space where they wish to create a new market, someone who knows of space near them or an existng market operator. Ultimately, they provide their land for trade partners to book. See More.

I've never traded at a market before, can i join as a trade partner?

We welcome established businesses and those with only an idea. We can help turn your idea into a reality so that you can bring your business idea to a host in your area.

What's involved in payment?

Trade partners pay a fixed one off reservation fee of £250 per location when booking as well as the option to select their own pitch and arrival time for an additional fee. Hosts pay a set up fee of or agree to a licensee fee free period.

Which markets has The Spread operated?

Our previous hosts have included Primary School playrgounds, Publicly listed property developers, Councils and placemaking agencies, we've matched them with hundreds of trade partners including street food traders, producers and importers. Together they have operated over six hundred individual events raising millions of pounds for small independnt businesses and supporting the commercial and straegy aims of many different hosts partners.

How do i contact The Spread?

Please email