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Every Saturday

Hampstead Parochial School, Holly Bush Vale, NW3 6TX

Opened on September 2016 forty five trade partners in a school playground every Saturday. This market has been suspended due to Covid-19. 


What can I find there?

Primary & Secondary Trade Partners, importers & hot food including 

Biodynamic and organic fruit & veg, poultry, meat, bread, eggs, beer, spirits and wine
bread, cakes, cereals, charcuterie, cheese, chocolate, Jam, Macaroons, nut Butter, milk, olives, olive oil, pasta, pastries, pate, Smoked Salmon. 

Status:                 Suspended

Opened:              September 2016                   

Closed:                March 2020 

Day:                    Saturday

Opening times:     10am-3pm

Card payments:    Accepted by some

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