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What is means for our hosts partners,

trade partners and shoppers



Cashless Payments


Trade partners are only permitted to accept debit and credit card payments from shoppers. Cash payments will not be accepted.


The transaction takes place without the need for cards to touch the portable electronic card readers.

All shoppers are permitted to ask trade partners for an electronic receipt so that you may trace your purchase. In the unlikely event that you may have concerns about a purchase, you can contact The Spread and we will investigate your concerns.

Risk Assesments


Trade partners are required to be at the market and set up ready to trade no later than half an hour prior to trading hours commence. This is to enable the on site management team to thoroughly inspect the site to ensure trade partners have met the requirements set out in our installation guides and are meeting the obligations set out in their risk assessments. 



Trade partners are required to provide clean gloves and aprons and any other equipment that they deem necessary to mitigate the risk of contamination of any products for sales.

We encourage all trade partners and shoppers to wear masks however the Cabinet Office has issued the following clarification: 


The new measures will extend the requirement to wear a face covering to staff where it already exists for customers in retail environments. This would therefore apply to all indoor market settings (where it currently applies to customers) but not outdoor market settings (where it currently does not).”

Social Distancing

Trade partners and shoppers are required to ensure they maintain adequate distance between each other in line with Government guidelines. 


Sampling will continue to be available at the discretion of the individual trade parnters.

Site Closure

As markets are deemed an essential service,

markets will not close. In the unlikely event that they do need to close, please check the indivudal page for the market that you shop at. 



All sites will have additional signage in order to promote social distancing and the measures implemtned to mitigate any risks.



If trade partners or shoppers are unwell for any reason, we advise you to stay home.

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