Do you live or work in Barnet? Have an idea for a food, beverage, arts or craft business and don't know how to make it happen? In Partnership with the London Borough of Barnet, The Spread are opening three new market locations in the Borough early 2021. We are looking for ambitious, creative people who live or work in the Borough who have an idea for a business or an existing small business and want trade at these markets.

The Spread has a wealth of experience in sourcing and developing successful markets with public and private landowners and working with a wide variety of businesses to provide a diverse range of products for markets in London. 


We have always encouraged, supported and enabled new businesses to start out in one of our market locations leading to those traders building a strong initial customer base, helping to build brand identity, as well as refining their product offering leading to the placement of products in major UK retail stores.


If you have an idea, complete the form below and book a fifteen minute call with us so that we can explore your idea and provide the  first steps to formalise your business idea before applying for one of our markets. 


We will cover the basics of your business concept,   equipment and compliance requirements as well as the importance setting up for success on market day. 


Our workshops will be a valuable initial resource for those in the local community planning to branch out into

the world of market trading.

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