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Get to know The Spread

Wherever you go, whoever you are,

we have a place for you.


A place to host 

Whether you’ve got an existing market you want to bring to The Spread, or you want to create one from scratch. Join The Spread as a host partner and create income from unused space.

A place to trade

Whether an established business or just an idea. 

Join The Spread as a trade partner to find and book markets and turn an idea into a business ready for market trading.


A place to shop

Whether you already shop at a market or you want to start supporting independent businesses,

find your nearest market or request a new market in your community.

Simple steps 

to start


Let's begin

Let us know about

you and your

business, set up a

profile to search and

book available markets.



Book a Market


To help get prepared for trading there's a wealth of information to help you choose and get set up at he right market. 

Start Trading

Start trading and building up a local and loyal customer base at your markets.



makes us





Host and trade partner community standards

promote safety and

belonging for everyone.






The unique approach allows a continual

understanding of what drives footfall and sales. End to end technology and transparent processes provides insight to trade partners and hosts that need more support.

Hosts care as much as we do

From Green Spaces to Public Realm Development, community primary schools and publicly listed companies, Host Partners care about the things that make trade partners feel welcome.


The Spread Food LTD

27 Old Gloucester Street



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